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My Best Advice During A Pickleball Match

Another coach recently posed the question, "what's your favorite strategy to use during a match" My response was....

If somethings not working... for example, your opponents have scored 3+ points in a row or your're not scoring.... time out and change your game strategies... Whether it's your tempo, target, of switching to a half or full stack.. Switch it up and hope to shift momentun. I have seen this firsthand work for myself and when watching matches. Last year I saw Megan Fudge and Ryler her husband playing again incredible player and her women's partner Bobbie Oshiro at the Minto Open and they had drop down by 5 points.. Megan called an

audible and took a time out and made a nice momentum shift immediatley after the time out. I am curious the stat of what happens after a time out is called but I feel from my experince it definietloy has a major advantage towards the team calling the timeout... What do you think?


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