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Pickleball.. Truly A Sport For Short Girls.... Truly a Sport For Anyone!

Growing up a shorter female 5'2 ( I used to through in 5'2 and a half) in a suburban neighborhood there was no pick up sport I could really partake in at a park. I can't walk on the basketball court without people looking at my cross eyed and frankly I would never have the confidence to do so. Even the last 18 years of taking my kids to the park I always have admired and been a bit jealous of the kids that just show up and jump into a game of hoops or volleyball. Pickleball... is the answer! This sport doesn't discriminate based on age, sex or background. I have routinely been beat by players older than me (and younger) I have been beat by players that are not considered to be in a great athletic shape... I have learned don't ever let a player with a knee brace fool you!! It's relatively afforadble compared to other sports and has a community of players looking forward to meet you!

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